2020 March

  • Legally, bankruptcy is a procedure in which either a person or a business can discharge its debt. This is possible in case the petitioner, the person or the business that files debt for bankruptcy, does not have any possible ways to pay it within a reasonable time, even with the help of bankruptcy attorney San.

  • With many numerous types of loans available, it could be a confusing and tough task to figure out which type of loan may be the best and the right one for you. One possibility to consider is a long-term personal, especially if you want a lesser monthly repayment for the quantity of money you hope.

  • The coronavirus epidemic can, according to the industrialized country organization OECD, put the global economy on track and is “the greatest economic risk since the financial crisis”. If the situation does not improve and more and more countries are affected, growth could fall to one and a half percent this year, the OECD said on.

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