Weed Guide 101: The Cannabis Stocks Industry

  • Weed Guide 101: The Cannabis Stocks Industry

    The cannabis mania is coming over and more and more time for investors to dive into this thrilling and enticing market. Due to the new discoveries of its medicinal use and its legalization over North America, the Cannabis stocks are gaining more tractions aside from those factors affecting economic growth. If you are interested to know more about this kind of industry, then let’s find out below.

    Sneak Peak for the Cannabis Industry

    Investing in the stock market is one of the best option to grow your money.

    The stock market return is averaging on 8.65% annually for about 10 years. This is much comparable to 5.03% return of Treasury note, and 7.88% for gold. However, when it comes to weed stocks, much higher than those can be expected. A data from 2018 shows that the sales of cannabis in US alone landed on around $50 billion.

    The birth of marijuana sub-sectors

    Contributing to the value of the cannabis market is the addition of sub-sectors of marijuana that are continuously erupting. There are the weed cultivators, marijuana manufacturers, cannabis packaging companies, and dispensaries. On the other hand, even the manufacturers will benefit financially for this industry as the demand for weed-based products are growing enormously.

    Based on market research, it is expected that, by 2027, the cannabis industry will reach about $57 billion. And speculations believe that the legalization of cannabis in US will be implemented right after the presidential election of 2020. Due to this, it is a good timing to invest in this kind of market before its gigantic burst.

    Cannabis Stocks Investment for Everyone

    The previous year became a good indicator for weed-based businesses as cannabis prohibition will soon end on many states. Because of that, many investors are very eager to invest on the Canadian pot stocks. Generally, it is still the same old reason why people like to invest in the cannabis stocks.

    They invest primarily on the steel makers or streaming companies. And obviously, this is because they want to grow their money and wealth using this kind of industry. Further, this market is open for all who are interested to invest.

    Key Notes:

    Decided to invest in the cannabis stock market is closely similar with investing in other type of stocks. Basically, the process is very simple yet, finding the appropriate work to done is essential to see the right stocks. Keep in mind that investing cannot be done for a day. Meaning, you doesn’t need to stick your eye on the cannabis market 24/7 and watch its move.

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