2022 August

  • The social market economy is a model. It is a model where coexistence in the society is organized economically and politically. It combines the advantages of the market economy with a social security system. The state proved it to be particularly resilient, especially in economic crises. What do politicians say about the social market economy?.

  • Natural resources are needed to produce goods. Unfortunately, they are consumed faster than they can be replaced. It is important to reduce the impact that production and consumption have on the environment. Reducing the amount of materials used, using resources more efficiently, reducing waste generation and turning waste into resources are ways we can do.

  • SEO can improve the visibility and accessibility of a site in the search engines and provide appropriate, relevant, and compelling content to website visitors as a business owner. This includes creating well-written content (text) on your site and using keywords, tags, social media links, targeted ads, and other means to help customers find your products..

  • Humans are inherently risk-averse. One of the basic human needs is the need for security. Faced with the constant threat of a wide variety of risks, prosperity, social security and economic growth can only be secured in the long term. If society has effective social risk management, this is possible. Various mechanisms and institutions have.

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